Like you’ve seen in my mini-bio before, my name is Olivija (pronounced simply as the name Olivia). What’s the purpose of the pretentious ‘j’ in the middle, you ask? I don’t know! In any case there’s a bit more to me than just a name so let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was born in a Lithuanian city called Kaunas and very soon after transported to the capital – Vilnius. These names will sound bizarre to you, but that’s okay! I had a very normal childhood with a loving family, where we took part in many normal family stuff, which I call normal, but I really feel very lucky for it. We travelled a lot for a typical Lithuanian family and my mother was a fabulous travel planner. Her travel bug infected me and I was convinced I could solo travel at the age of 14! While that may have been true, I was way too young to be allowed anywhere without my parents’ seal of approval.

Fast-forward to year 2016 where I got accepted to a UK-based university and was stoked beyond belief. University went great(ish), and after 2 years I decided it was time to take life by the reins and get myself a placement/internship. And I got one! Stoked beyond belief, my friends…

Fast-forward to approximately 6 months ago I was excited to try myself out in a corporate environment and I daresay I was doing pretty s’well. However, something was missing…


I still don’t have the answer for that, but I know that ever since I had to settle into the 9-5 routine of an office lifestyle (which does have its own benefits), I have been restlessly and tirelessly researching how to escape it.

Throughout the months I’ve attained a lot of knowledge about how to make money online by either travelling the world or just sitting comfortably in your couch. I’ve started trying to implement those methods and I’d love to share this info to the world. I know just how confusing and scary this process can be and how little accurate free information is distributed around. I want to help out anyone who’s feeling somewhat nomadic like me. I’ll also be sharing travelling tips as this is my primary goal once I achieve sustainable income!


  • Become location independent

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Have a sustainable income stream(s)

  • Travel often, at least once every 2 months

  • Drive a car (car = freedom)

  • Have a dog

  • Become more aware/knowledgeable about the world

Goals, goals, goals


Everything mentioned above! Well, maybe except points 5 or 6.


Nomad – straight from the virtual Oxford Dictionary

I’ve literally copy pasted the definition I found on the Oxford Dictionary and while it doesn’t fully apply to me – in some way I do feel like a nomad.

I think anyone who finds himself/herself ‘roaming’ in any sort of way – be it psychically or mentally – can call themselves ‘nomads’ of the modern days. I always thought of myself as a citizen of the earth and never felt any attachment/debt to my home country. I love and treasure it, of course, since it bears the memories of my childhood, but I always felt the incessant desire to leave. Leave and return, more like.

For quite a while I’ve been feeling an attachment to Portugal and it feels right to base myself there. However, there’s waay too many things to be seen before properly settling down!

So welcome to my nomadic journeys! Let’s travel and learn together.